The Fascinating World of Natural Stones

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February 25, 2019
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February 25, 2019

Since early ages natural stone has been used inconstruction, decorative purposes and to carve sculptures. Even with the advent of newer technologies and materials natural stone still remains popular. Ever wondered why so? Today’s article makes you well acquainted with the world of natural stones and why people still prefer them.

Earth is spluttered with a wide variety of natural stones like Granite, Marble, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Limestone, Sandstone, Quartz, Silica, etc. The three most popular reasons for using natural stones are:

1.     Fascinating, Environment friendly and Ecological

Natural stone comes in a diverse range varying on the basis of its component minerals. It comes in various hues, textures, finish and levels of sturdiness. It is one of the most remarkable construction materials since it can be combined with various other materials creating uniqueness of its own. Sine it occurs naturally, natural stone require no manufacturing. Expenditure is incurred only on its quarrying, processing and supplying. The unused parts, from the quarrying and processing, can be used to fill up the gaps left in the quarry from which stones were extracted. Thus, the whole process of natural stone extraction to supply is ecologically balanced and maintains harmony in the nature. Further, natural stone is considered Class A building material since it doesn’t emit any pollutant and is incombustible. It doesn’t harm health directly or indirectly and can be safely used in areas where food is prepared/ manufactured or served. It doesn’t require any polishing, chemical coating or protective agents before being used in construction. Thus, natural stone is absolutely environmental friendly.

2.     Varied and Ages well

Natural stone offers several choices to customers when it comes to being used as a construction material. It comes in a variety of colours and textures that can be given different types of finishes. This gives home decorators and builders a wide spectrum to choose from and create unique patterns of their own. In short natural stone is customizable. It is quartier in large block that can be cut into desire shape and size. Variety of colours, different finishes and desired cut gives natural stone the ability to maintain uniqueness in particular construction. Furthermore, natural stone is able to retain a natural patina of its own which gives it the de remarkable advantage of ageing very well. While the other building materials are prime to lose their lustre and charm after a time period, natural stone remains the same if cared properly.

3.  Durable and Affordable

Natural stone can resist high pressure and environmental factors that make it everlasting. Its lowest abrasion value makes it excellent option for flooring. The low cost of maintenance, cleaning and everlasting life make it affordable in long run. For example Soapstone Powder manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter provide good quality soapstone for pool side surfaces. Similarly, Silica Sand manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter provide high quality silica widely used in construction.

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