Know About Talc Mineral with Anand Talc

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February 25, 2019
Know about talc mineral with Anand talc

The Talc mineral found extremely in metamorphic rocks of convergent plate boundaries and it refer to both types of minerals.

The Talc mineral found extremely in metamorphic rocks of convergent plate boundaries and it refer to both types of minerals i.e. pure mineral as well as an array of talc containing minerals that are soft in texture. Deposition of talc occurs in the rocks when heated water having dissolved silica and magnesium comes in contact with dolomitic marbles. Heat and chemically active fluids altered rocks of unite and serpentine into talc it also forms best Talc Minerals.

From the ancient time, talc is considered as a soft rock that especially use for making sculptures, bowls, countertops, sinks and various other objects. Due to unique property of natural mineral in talc, it often used for rubber, paper, ceramics and plastic. Chemical composition of talc is hydrous magnesium silicate mineral.

Talc has no colors that why it is also known as colorless mineral and have a sheet structure similar to micas. The reason why all minerals is soft is the sheets that help together by van der Waals bonds that allow them to past one another easily. This result in greasy and soapy feel of mineral and thus minerals are used as high-temperature lubricant.

Responsibility of Miners

While extracting talc, miners have to remain highly cautious during the entire mining procedure and avoid adulterate talc with other rock materials. Contamination can introduce hard particles in talc that can later result in degrading the softness and lubricating property of talc. Partially crushed rocks are taken to mills where further they are broken down into dust form so that all impurities further be removed using flotation or mechanical processing.

Uses of Talc Minerals

Due to unique characteristics of brightness, composition and Softness, talc produced by mills are used in variant applications. Such applications where talc can be use are:

  • Talc is most often used in manufacturing ceramic product like bathroom fixtures, ceramic tile, pottery and dinnerware. Talc improves firing attributes and durability of finished product.
  • Talc are also used in manufacturing paper as paper are composed of pulp that are derived from natural element like wood, rags, and other organic materials. Talc added in pulp act as filler and also results in making paper a smoother writing surface. It also improves brightness, whiteness and opacity of paper.
  • As we know talc has softness property so it widely used in making cosmetic products such as blushes, compact powder eye shadows and other items. Due to its moisture absorbing feature, it also serves as a lubricants and forms key ingredient in many antiperspirants.

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