Pyrophyllite in Paper

Pyrophyllite Powder for Paper Industry

  • Deposit control: Paper pulp contains many organic agglomerates, often colloidal that are called pitch, or if they are tacky in nature, stickies. The pitch and stickies are a major hindrance in paper production. Pyrophyllite’s molecular structure is electrically neutral and thus hydrophobic. Therefore, it is able to absorb these organic particles into its molecular layers and prevent them from interfering in paper production.
  • Machine longevity: Pyrophylliteis soft and non-abrasive due to which it minimizes wear and tear on the machines through the paper making process.
  • Printability: Pyrophyllite imparts smoothness and slipperiness to the paper allowing it to run smoothly through the printing process.It also makes the paper compressible, which ensures maximum ink transfer thereby improving intensity and opacity of printing with minimum mottling, smearing or missing dots.
  • Carrier properties: Several chemicals are added to paper that serve as optical brighteners or protective barriers. Pyrophyllite is a good carrier for these chemicals. Moreover, it ensures that these chemicals remain more towards the surface of the paper so they can exert maximum impact.
  • Cost reduction: Pyrophyllite is a low cost filler that has high paper strength potential. Thus, it can be loaded in high proportions without affecting the strength of the paper. It is therefore able to significantly cut down on the cost of paper manufacture.

Anand Talc is a supplier of high quality Paper Grade Pyrophyllite Powder containing the right alumina to silica ratio, free from gritty material and coarse elements, exhibiting a stable particle size distribution, and a high degree of whiteness.

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