Talc in Pharmaceutical Industry


Talc finds important application in the Pharmaceutical industry in tablet manufacture. It imparts crucial properties to the tablets, thereby making it suitable and functional.

  • Talc is slippery in nature and therefore allows the tablet to glide smoothly down the throat.
  • The lamellar structure of talc allows for significant compression of tablet.
  • Talc provides disintegration properties that enable the tablet to disintegrate once in the body.
  • Importantly, talc is non-allergenic and non-irritant and is thus perfectly suited for bodily consumption.

The Pharmaceutical industry requires extremely high quality talc containing minimum impurities. The iron content must be less than 0.1%. Natural material of such purity is generally not found and pharmaceutical talc is prepared by passing the high purity powdered talc over a magnetic separator to reduce the iron content.

There are few players in India who can maintain the required purity and quality of Talc which will be acceptable in pharmaceutical use. Equipped with access to high purity raw material as well as the finest magnetic separators, Anand talc is an experienced, reliable Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical grade talc that has been servicing top players in the Pharmaceutical industry for many years.

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