Talc is the constituent of the widely used talcum powder. In addition, talc for its wonderful properties is also used as filler in other cosmetic products including make-up, creams etc. Talc as filler offers many benefits to the final product.

  • Talc imparts matte effect to the skin.
  • Talc is non-allergenic and non-irritant and thus is the ideal choice for bodily applications.
  • Talc contains anti-bacterial properties.
  • At high humidity, talc can adsorbs moisture thereby protecting against perspiration.
  • Talc can have good oil absorption, which is an important property for cosmetics.
  • Talc is an anti-caking agent due to which the consistency of the creams etc. can be maintained.
  • Being soft, smooth and slippery, it provides tremendous tactile benefits to the cosmetic product.

Anand talc specializes in producing Talc for the Cosmetic industry. We take due care to ensure that our talc imparts the right visual and tactile properties product which is fundamental in cosmetics. We have extremely sophisticated spectrophotometers that process all color related parameters and we screen our talc for physical impurities.

Thanks to our knowledge and range of equipment our products have a wide acceptance in the Cosmetic Industry whether it is for baby powder, talcum powder, creams, soaps, make-up etc.

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