Pyrophyllite in Ceramics

Pyrophyllite Powder for Ceramic Industry

Pyrophyllite is a Ceramic raw material, a partial substitute as a source for feldspar/silica in ceramics. It lowers firing temperature, reduces thermal expansion as well as shrinking and cracking and improves thermal shock resistance. Moreover, the finished product has high degree of vitrification and good mechanical resistance.

In high firing stoneware and porcelain bodies, Pyrophyllite encourages the development of more mullite. This increases firing strength and also further reduces thermal expansion. Moreover, mullite’s morphology, which resembles interlocking needles provides excellent mechanical strength to the ceramic body.

Anand Talc manufactures high performance ceramic grade Pyrophyllite, possessing high degree of whiteness and low iron content. It has been observed to exhibit suitable thermal properties and very good dimensional stability.

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