Calcite in Plastic


Calcite is used as filler in the production of all major synthetic polymers that make plastic namely polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, ethylene vinyl acetate. These polymers have various applications like in bags, pipes, automotive parts, furniture, containers etc.

Calcite powder is widely used in plastics due to the following benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness: Being a low cost material that can be used in high proportions, it considerably reduces the cost of Plastic manufacture.
  • High whiteness: Calcite’s high whiteness and opacity make it an excellent agent for de-lustration of naturally transparent man-made fibers without the need for additional pigments like titanium oxide. This ensures that the plastic components exhibit high color intensities and whiteness.
  • High chemical purity: Calcite is devoid of heavy metal contamination, which leads to aging of the polymers.
  • High dispersibility: Its grains do not collect together. Rather, they get distributed homogeneously resulting in uniformity within the final mass.
  • Low oil absorption: This ensures that minimum resin is absorbed by the filler and also ensures that viscosity of the mix is not affected.
  • High impact resistance: Calcite’s hardness and strength offer significant resistance to the plastic components against mechanical impact.
  • Excellent dimensional stability: Calcite’s low coefficient of thermal expansion ensures minimum changes in size upon temperature changes.
  • Moisture absorption: The moisture absorption properties of calcite are useful in order to obtain high humidity retention, to improve the consistency and dryness of the final mass.

Anand Talc is a reputed supplier of exceedingly pure and high whiteness Calcite powder that can be grinded to super fine grain size. Our calcite possesses all the above mentioned characteristics. Its high dispersibility is obvious upon pouring the powder. Since Rajasthan has access to highly crystalline calcite, its strength and hardness are inevitable. All the important parameters are tested copiously in a well-equipped laboratory so as to ensure quality supply of calcite powder to our customers.

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