Dolomite in Glass

Dolomite Powder Manufacturer For Glass Industry

Dolomite is a very useful mineral in the Glass industry since CaO and MgO perform the role of network modifiers in the glass manufacturing process. They interfere with the network of the glass forming oxides like SiO2. Since the network gets disturbed, the melting point and viscosity of the glass forming oxide decreases. Further, depending upon the concentration and composition of network modifiers, one can alter glass transition temperature, density, rigidity, durability and dimension stability.

Dolomite Powder for Glass industry must compose of a high consistent percentage of CaO and MgO and be devoid of color imparting impurities like Fe2O3 etc.

Anand Talc offers premium grade dolomite powder taking due care of purity and consistency which is crucial for the Glass industry to maintain uniformity in structure, color (rather, lack of color) and diaphaneity.

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