Pyrophyllite in Paint

Pyrophyllite Powder for Paint Industry

  • Improved brushability: Pyrophyllite has a lamellar (layered) molecular structure in which the individual layers are weakly bonded to one another and can thus slide over one another. This helps the paint to slide smoothly on the surface it is being applied on.
  • Rheology: Pyrophyllite offers valuable rheological properties to the paint. Most importantly, increases the pseudoplasticity of the paint. Pseudoplasticity refers to the reduction of viscosity when shear forces are applied. Thus, it is less strenuous to apply and the desired thickness of the paint film can be achieved.
  • Flatting and matting: Pyrophyllite of narrow particle size distribution scatters light. Thus, adding pyrophyllite as filler in paint promotes a flat, matt finish of the paint film.
  • High whiteness: Pyrophyllite has high whiteness due to which the paint exhibits high color intensity and opacity and thus excellent hiding properties. Due to its high whiteness, pyrophyllite is also very effective as a titanium dioxide extender thereby reducing the requirement of titanium dioxide.
  • Corrosion resistance: Pyrophyllite is a chemically inert substance as it does not react with acid, water, air etc., thereby allowing minimum corrosion of the paint film. Moreover, it is also an excellent carrier for anti-corrosive agents.
  • Barrier properties: Pyrophylliteis platy in shape. This is important for optimum filler packing in the paint film. In addition, the platy particles create a good barrier against unwanted substances such as water, CO2 and O2.
  • Mud cracking: The individual layers of pyrophyllite are strong. Therefore, its presence strengthens the paint film. Moreover, it has tremendous dimensional stability due to which it undergoes minimum expansion-contraction in response to temperature or pressure changes. Both these factors protect the paint film from cracking.
  • VOC reduction: Pyrophyllite being organophilic, absorbs within its layers many organic substances, and thus reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds. This makes the paint safer for health and environment.

Whiteness, particle size, oil absorption capacity and acid solubility are the main criteria for selecting pyrophyllite as filler for paint manufacture. At Anand Talc, we manufacture high whiteness pyrophyllite that has low oil absorption, low acid solubility and fine particle. It thus, performs very successfully in the Paint industry.

Moreover, we can manufacture various grades of grades depending on the specific application in the Paint industry. Anand Talc’s pyrophyllite finds use in architectural as well as industrial paints. Our range of grades also means that we can offer suitable products at different price points to optimally suit the customer’s budget.

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