We operate three mines around Udaipur district, Rajasthan. Each of our mining areas have their unique properties enabling us to meet diverse product characteristics for wide range of applications. Sample ore is tested and its specific properties identified prior to extraction.

Further, as the ore characteristics are subject to change across the entire area and depth of the terrain, periodic samples are tested throughout the extraction process to monitor ore behavior across. As and when material is extracted, it is manually sorted into different grades and impurities are removed.

Crushing and Pulverizing

Finely sorted raw material, stored in our weather proof raw material yard, is crushed into similar sized chips in the crusher machine. Depending upon the required end product, specific grades of crushed material are loaded in the appropriate proportion is then loaded into the pulverizer which gives rise to fine powder of required characteristics.

Throughout the pulverizing process, the finished powder is periodically tested to ensure that across the entire length of production, the product was within the required parameters.


As the finished powder is emitted from the pulverizer, it is filled into appropriate bags depending upon the requirement of the customer. These could be high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, polypropylene or paper bags. The bags are then sutured and loaded into the trucks.


In order to increase our product range, we source raw material from other mines as well. In effect, we are able to obtain raw material from almost every talc containing metamorphic terrain embedded in the range Aravalli
mountains and Himalayas.


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