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Talc is a naturally occurring mineral whose chemical name is hydrated magnesium silicate (H2Mg3(SiO3)4). It is formed by metamorphosis of sedimentary rocks namely dolomite, pyroxenite, amphibolite and serpentine.


Talc Powder structure consists of two phyllosilicate sheets. These are silica tetrahedra (SiO4) covalently bonded by sharing oxygen atoms as shown below to form a sheet. The sheet thus formed, has a ring like arrangement of tetrahedral, each ring containing 6 tetrahedra.

Three oxygens per tetrahedron satisfy their valencies by covalently bonding to other tetrahedrane forming the sheet. The oxygen atoms at the tips of the sheet are significant as they do not interact with other oxygen atoms. It therefore has a gained electron to complete its shell and one negative charge.

In the center of each silicate ring is an OH-ion as shown below.

The OH- ion is on the same plane as the tip oxygen.
Now imagine such sheets one on top of the other and consider the circled portion.

  • 2 tip oxygens of the sheet above (O-).
  • 2 tips oxygens of the sheet below (O-).
  • The OH- of the sheet above.
  • The OH- of the sheet below.

All are connected with each other to form an octahedron. In the center of this octahedron magnesium, cation is placed. Similarly, octahedral is formed in every unit.

Thus, effectively every unit (the circled portion + the corresponding portion in the sheet below), ends up by forming 3 octahedra (as the adjacent octahedra overlaps with the previous). Thus, for every:

  • 2 tip oxygens of the sheet above (O-).
  • 2 tips oxygens of the sheet below (O-).
  • The OH- of the sheet above.
  • The OH- of the sheet below.

    3 Mg2+ ions exist in the above described conformation, thereby making the structure electrically neutral. The following schematic gives an idea of the gross structure of talc.


    1.Tactile properties: It is smooth, slippery and soapy.

    2.Visual properties:

    • Color: It is in silvery, green, grey, white color.
    • Lustre: It is dull, pearly and greasy.
    • Streak: It is White.
    • Diaphaneity: It is translucent.
    3.Structural properties:

    • Hardness: 1 mohs (Softest mineral, can easily be powdered).
    • Specific gravity: 2.58 to 2.83.
    4.Affinity to water: Talc is a hydrophobic in nature. However, depending upon surrounding conditions, talc can either adsorb water on its surface forming a film or not get adsorbed and form droplets on the surface. Rarely, it does absorb water between its layers. It is insoluble in water. Even in powder form, it does not readily disperse in water.

    5.Affinity to oil: Talc can absorb oil between its molecular layers. However, the oil absorption capacity can vary.

    6.Heat properties:

    • It does not conduct heat.
    • It is resistant to structural changes due to heat.
    • It has high specific heat capacity.
    • It can withstand temperatures upto 1300ºC.
    • Above 900°C, talc progressively loses its hydroxyl groups and above 1050°C. It re-crystallizes into different forms of enstatite (anhydrous magnesium silicate).
    • Talc’s melting point is at 1500°C.
    7.Electric properties: It does not conduct electricity.

    8.Combustion properties: It is non explosive and non inflammable.

    9.Chemical properties:

    • pH: 9-9.5
    • It does not dissolve in mild acids or alkalies.
    10.Other properties: It is Organophillic.


    Most people use products made from talc every day, however, they don’t realize that talc is in the product or the special role that it plays.

    It is important to note that although all talc broadly share the above properties, no two talcs are the same. The degree of delamination, particle size and aspect ratio, the chemical and mineralogical composition, which describes the degree of prevalence of trace elements and residual accessory minerals, all affect important properties such as color, specific gravity, hardness and reactivity thereby influencing the end-uses for talc.

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