Anand Talc manufactures & supplies high-quality Soapstone, a metamorphic stone composed of mineral talc rich in magnesium. Soapstone, popularly known as soap rock, has been used as carving medium since thousands of years. It is formed due to sinking of one tectonic plate below the other, which results in influx of fluid with the rock, due to high pressure and heat but without melting. Soapstone fits amazingly well, as material used in housing & furnishing, from rustic old farmhouses to contemporary classic urban homes. Soapstone give an extensive choice to consumers in form of floor tiles, attractive kitchen tops, sculptures, sinks and inlaid carvings. It is a cost effective solution in case you want to skip marble or granite owing to tight budget restrictions. Anand Talc’s wide range of Soapstone is just the perfect addition to your dream house to give it that warm, soft and minimal look. That chic nest pad for you and your family might be just a click away!!


The major component of Soapstone is Talc while small amounts of iron and chromium oxides, amphiboles and chlorite are found in traces. By mass, it contains approximately 63% Silica, 31% Magnesia, 4% water and traces of other oxides like Calcium Oxide, Aluminium Oxide etc.

Due to higher percentage of Talc, Soapstone, is soft durable and feels like soap when touched. It is heat and electricity resistant, thereby, making it an apt material to be used as an insulator for electrical as well as housing components. Depending upon the mineral content, Soapstone comes in various hues and colours like green, black, grey, greyish blue etc. During fabrication, Soapstone can be oiled to give off a richer dark look.


Soapstone is classified into two types depending upon the percentage of Talc found in it. The one, containing high percentage of talc, artistic grade Soapstone, while the other one having lower talc percentage is, architectural grade Soapstone. Because of higher Talc percentage, artistic grade Soapstone is softer and apt for carvings and sculptures. The architectural grade soapstone is tough, durable and widely used in homes. So the next time you want Soapstone in your house, do not forget to enquire about its grade and Talc percentage.


Depending upon its type, Soapstone is used for a variety of purposes like counter tops and sinks in kitchen, coasters, sculpture, in laid designing of houses etc. In some parts of the world Soapstone is used to make bowls, cooking slabs and utensils etc. In cold countries, Soapstone is popularly used in making counter tops above fireplace due to its high heat resistance. In India, Soapstone is widely used as a carving medium and architectural purposes like shower bases, sinks, counter tops, floor tiles etc. Many artisans use Soapstone to make wine glasses, cooking utensils, pots & pans, bowls, vases, jewellery boxes, and statues etc.

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