Calcite in Rubber and Adhesives

Calcite Powder In Rubber & Adhesives Industry


Calcite is one of the most widely used fillers in non-black Rubber manufacture. It imparts the following benefits in rubber making.
  • It is a low cost material which can be used at very high loading with little loss of compound softness, elongation or resilience thereby significantly reducing the cost of rubber manufacture.
  • It can be powdered to an extremely fine size, which is critical in the Rubber Industry to provide the desired mechanical properties to it.
  • With suitable surface modifications, it exhibits high dispersibility in the rubber matrix as well has molecular interactions with the rubber matrix. Thus it behaves as an excellent rubber reinforcing agent.
  • It has high whiteness, which is important to maintain the desired color characteristics of non-black rubber.

Anand talc boasts of extremely high whiteness calcite. In fact, the whiteness can go up to 99%. Moreover, we are able to achieve super fine grain sizes, which is critical for imparting the right mechanical properties to the rubber product.


Most sealants and many Adhesives include a ground calcium carbonate (calcite) in the formulation as a filler to reduce costs and increase the solids level. It adds viscosity, contributes to opacity, oil absorption and whiteness and improves mechanical properties like sagging resistance and rheology.

Anand Talc is known for its high whiteness and low oil absorption calcite powder of low particle size that is able to pack properly within the adhesive which ensure that it sticks effectively on the substrate.

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