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February 23, 2019

Talc & Calcite Powder Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter Laoag, Philippines. www.anandtalc.com is the softest rock in the world. Anand Talc is hydrated magnesium silicate. It generally occurs in two morphologies, either macro- or microcrystalline. Talc powder is a specific powder used as a baby powder for preventing diaper rash, as a deodorant, and for other cosmetic uses. It may be made up of talc or corn starch. Talc powder is also known as Talcum Powder. Talcum powder is harmful if inhaled since it may cause aspiration pneumonia or granuloma. It is also an ingredient in counterfeit pharmaceuticals and food products as a bulking agent in order to give the appearance of a larger quantity than actually present.

Talc is an important industrial mineral. Its resistance to heat, electricity, and acids make it an ideal surface for lab countertops and electrical switchboards. It is also an important filler material for paints, rubber, and insecticides. Even with all these uses, most people only know talc as the primary ingredient in talcum powder. We are a well-known firm as Talc Manufacturer, supplier, and explorer in Udaipur, India.

It is widely used in Thermoplastic application because of its compatibility with polymers and other organic additives. It acts as a spacing extender, increasing efficiency of pigment TiO2. Calcite is also of bio-organic origin but more compacted than Chalk. Best quality calcite is found in Rajasthan, and Anand Talc is one of the best Calcite powder manufacturer, supplier, and explorer in India.
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