Talc Powder For Paint Industry in Vietnam

    Talc powder is used in the paint industry as an anti-settling agent and has been used since early civilization. It works by preventing minerals, pigments, and other substances from settling to the bottom of a container, thus keeping these particles suspended for the duration of their use. Among the end users of talcum powder are paint producers. Talc powder is a type of manufactured stone or mineral. It has industrial uses and is used as a filler material in paint, plastics, rubber, paper and other automotive products, flooring and wall covering. The advantages of talc powder compared to talc include lower cost, improved flow properties, density and abrasion resistance. There are many grades of talc powder depending upon the size range and method of processing. Talc powders are processed into three basic grades such as regular fine talc powder, super fine talc powder and Nano talc powder.
    Talc Powder for is a kind of white colored fine powder that can easily flow into any surface. It is often used to absorb moisture, improve appearance and sometimes to prevent the film formation of some coating products. Talc Powder for the Paint Industry in Vietnam is strongly absorptive, impermeable and rejects free flowing. It has high resistance to electrical discharge and heat. This product is well known for its quality, longer lifespan and durability compared to similar paint media. Talc Powder for Paint Industry is mainly made out of soft magnesium silicate mineral, which is mined from the earth. .
    Talc powder is a natural ingredient of paint formula and it is used in various applications like ceramics, plastics and paper. The paints that are formulated with talc powder are famous for its waterproof quality and protection ability against heat & fire. These powders are highly demanded in the markets like Vietnam for their high quality. Talc Powder offers quality products and competitive service, processing the mined minerals into a variety of powder products. These products are characteristically talc, limestone, fluorite and barite. We are eagerly involved in exploring and processing these mined materials to obtain an outstanding array of high-quality powder products for our clients in numerous industries throughout the world.

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