Talc Powder For Paint Industry in United Kingdom

    Talc powder (talcum) is the most important mineral in the paint, plastic and rubber industries. In paint making, it is used both in the paint base, and as an additive to the color pigments; in cosmetics, to absorb moisture and reduce stickiness of face powders; as a dusting agent on soft contact lenses; and as a filler in rubber goods. Talc powder for paint industry in the United Kingdom is one of the most extensive range of high quality talc powders available in this market. It provides a number of benefits to our customers and their applications do vary significantly, depending on their specific purposes.
    We are the leading suppliers of Talc Powder in the United Kingdom. We have our own mines where we get talc directly from the mines and export it to our customers. Our talcum powders are safe and free from harmful impurities. We are the exporters of various grades of talcum powder for different applications. Our product range includes Talcum powder for paint industry, cosmetics, food and chemical industries. We provide quality powder at reasonable prices to our customers across Europe, Africa, North America and the Middle East. .
    Talc powder is the fine, soft and loose powder which is made out of hydrated magnesium silicate and it may be used as a filler in paint, rubber, paper and plastic. This is an important additive as it lends the finished product extra smoothness as well as better flowing qualities. It also helps to reduce bubbles. The talc powder in the market offered by us is at competitive prices and is of high quality. We offer talc powder in different grades, forms, packaging and quantity as specified by our clients. Our talc powder is often used as filler in paints and coatings. Moreover, it is mainly used in ceramics, paint and coating industry, adhesives to impart both flow and compressibility properties to creams and lotions, paper coatings, water-based paints, rubber isolators against moisture and rust.

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