Talc Powder For Paint Industry in Turkey

    Talc powder (talcum powder) makes a significant contribution to the quality of paint. Without talc, paint would be tough and brittle. For this reason, most paints contain a proportion of talc powder in order to reduce tackiness, improve flow, and provide a tough surface that resists chipping, cracking or flaking. It is important that you choose the right Talc powder for your paint industry manufacturing process.
    Talc powder, also known as talcum or mineral talc or monumental chalk is the natural mineral compound hydrous magnesium silicate. Talc Powder For Paint Industry in Turkey has high purity and pearly lustre because of its chemical structure and perfect shape. It’s widely used in chemicals, paint, plastics, lubricants and cosmetics. .
    Nowadays, the paint industry is one of the leading manufacturers of complex Paint industry in Turkey. Many companies in Turkey rely on the paint powder, which is very necessary in the manufacture of paints. Among these talc powder producers, we are within this scope as a leading company and providing high quality talc power to our customers. In addition, we carry out the practice according to standards and act with full responsibility in all stages of production. We also have a high level of customer satisfaction and have recently started producing new products such as waxes and silica sand used in the production of high-quality paints that can be used by any professional painters who operate with high quality paint products. .
    Talc Powder is the mixture of magnesium silicate and magnesium aluminium silicate. In powder form with a specific surface-area, there are two ways that it can be used exactly in industries. This includes Paint and paper industries, enamels and ceramic glazes, rubber adhesives, plastic compounds and Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, food and tobacco. Therefore, according to the industry, which is dealing with talcum powder for powder coating application or in other industries where this powder is used, there are different requirements and characteristics for talc powder produced by producers.

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