Talc Powder For Paint Industry in Germany

    Talc is widely known for its use in the manufacture of paint. It is also one of the most widely used powders for industrial purposes due to its special properties. Our company offers top-quality talc, mainly for the Paint industry in Germany, France and Italy. Talc for paints has a lot of advantage over other powders, like chalk or silica. Talc Powder is widely used in the paint industry as filler that improves flow, levelling and reduces pigmentation of paints. It disperses well in various media, increases fluidity and gives smooth flowing paint with good covering power. Apart from this, Talc powder for the paint industry is ideal for adhering pigment particles to the film surface and improving cohesion force of pigment.
    The powder has a very low bulk density and can be used to reduce the density of paint while maintaining its flow properties. This way, it prevents clogging of the spray nozzles and achieves a finer finish on the surface. It is mostly used as a pigment extender in waterborne paints. The application industry for talc powder for paints covers decorative, automotive, protective and vinyl paints. It has been proved that talc increases the gloss index of industrial paints and the smoothness of coating films. This Talc powder for the paint industry is a coloring and drying agent for paints and printing inks. The pigment and binder are uniformly dispersed in a fine layer of talc powder that has been pre-treated with graphite. The absorption power of the talc is regulated by the amount of graphite. Talc powder can also be used on its own as a coloring agent. .
    Talc is a mineral that is soft and easy to cut conveying an air of purity. Talc Powder for Paint Industry in Germany is available in a variety of different grades, textures, and sizes. These can be selected as per your requirements. Our talc powders for paint industry are demanded all around the globe due to its fine quality, optimum hardness, and longer shelf life.

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