Talc Powder For Paint Industry in China

    Talc Powder is a common mineral. It mainly contains magnesium silicate and a small amount of other components such as calcium, iron, aluminium and zinc. Because it has the functions of absorbing moisture, dispersing pigment and colouring, resisting heat and so on. Especially in the field of paint, Talc powders For Paint Industry in China are used as a drying agent or grinding medium of paint. Talc is one of the most widely used mineral in the paint industry. Talc powder, also known as talcum powder, consists mainly of hydrous magnesium silicate. As talc is abundant in nature and it has excellent flame retardancy and insulation properties, it is widely applied in many industries such as coating, building materials, paint and ink, paper making and rubber etc.
    Paints and coatings industry is one the most crucial industries of our time. The paints and coatings are used in homes, buildings, automobiles and furniture to protect various surfaces from wear and tear. Among various other ingredients, talc powder plays an important role when it comes to moisture resistance, abrasion resistance and smooth flow properties. Generally, Talc powder is a naturally occurring mineral that is white in color. It is obtained from talc deposits found in the earth's crust. .
    It is used in many industries such as paint, rubber and PVC. It is one of a series of minerals known as talc and is mined in the form of a very soft white talcum powder in a way that makes it free flowing. The main application areas include ceramic paints, impregnating an oil based core primer with graphite or tape, sealing the top of glass fibre reinforced plastics to enameled steel or aluminium to reduce moisture absorption, producing self-lubricating bearings (that are used in the car industry), instrument making and electrical insulation.
    For application and transportation, the powder should be packed in plastic-lined steel or wooden drums; for storage and warehousing, the powder should be stored at cool, dry places, away from fire, heat source and rain. In addition, during any process that may cause generation of water vapor, adequate ventilation and drying facilities must be provided to ensure no accumulation of moisture and prevention of spontaneous combustion.

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